Silga’s roots go back to 1955, when Tosino Torresi had the bright idea of making rubber soles for shoes.
In the 60s and 70s, investment in the latest machinery to stamp moulded soles made Silga the leading name in this product around the world.
Nowadays, Silga products are globally known as the watchword in quality and reliability.
In the 80s, the “MADE IN ITALY” approach came to the fore and meant Silga was able to set off an industrial transformation that took it to the highest levels of cutting edge technology.
Silga is now able to satisfy the most demanding client needs with precision and speed.
At the turn of the millenium, the SILGA GOMMA trademark was bought by the Ruggeri family, a leading shoe sole manufacturer, an acquisition that gave the company new impetus.
Quality control, efficient logistics, internal and external quality testing and attention to each single client’s requests, these are the keystones in the SILGA ethos.
Today, SILGA has developed the work/safety comfort shoe line, giving it another reason to be considered a genuine reference point in the shoe manufacture world.

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